As a food and experience curator, I get to nosh amazing food and meet beautifully talented farmers and creators. Some may think that during Covid times this isn’t happening as often as it did before, yet not quite so. The world of virtual is where it’s at to stay connected. Granted this is a choice. To Zoom or not to Zoom. I prefer to Zoom. When I choose to Zoom, meet a new destination host, chat with a farmer, order food in, or use curbside pick up, sip a new beverage my connections and network base of supporting local stay intact. Almost everyone, except perhaps my 80 something Mom, is plugged in and ready to join in with food, drink, experiences, fun and belly laughs, in this virtual world we are now immersed in.

Behind the Counter are my thoughts on great food, locations I visit, whats cooking in my kitchen, road trips and sharing my love of ‘living life local.’ Remember, I grew up in the big city where a brief subway ride was a means to the mega-mall with shopping experiences to fulfill every dream of what you ‘must have’ in the moment. Fast forward to grade 10, when I was relocated out of the big city and thought I would never survive and vowed to return. Fast forward again, to falling in love with a farmer … for real! Then fast forward again to my quiet country lifestyle living in the middle of rural SW Ontario, where life is simple and there is no rush to get anywhere fast. No subway, no bus, just my feet to walk downtown or a car ride away to any amenities I may need.

These are my authentic thoughts and experiences from Behind the Counter.

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