Valentine’s Day has traditionally been focused around dining out, special surprises, long walks in the sun or snow … all things with the one you love. This Valentine’s Day may feel a wee bit different but I’m excited to be teaming up with a vibrant spa & boutique owner. We are hosting a virtual event filled with Facials, Food & Sipping Good Fun. This will be a virtual event you won’t forget. If you love to pamper your skin, like to pretend too! If you love to sip beer, cocktails and eat amazing food, this is all for you! Don’t sit home alone and bing watch your new fave series! Don’t, please don’t stay in and scroll left, left, left, up! Just don’t! Hang out with Spicy Jan and Rikki! Check out the Virtual Valentine’s Day Evening in with two local gals that love creating unique experiences, JUST FOR YOU! Cheers.

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