Local Food Tourism is a delicious, safe way to explore like a local!

Virtual Food Tourism (or better known as Experiential Food Tourism) is a new way to celebrate local with your gathering group through a virtual platform. 

At Tasty Road Trips we have adapted our tours to meet the needs of the world and our live tours are currently self-guided but that’s not all.  Virtual is the new rising star to stay connected … sips & snacks included. 

The feedback has been 5 Star all the way, and our guests are LOVING the new delivery of self-guided experiences and Virtual Gatherings with all the bells and whistles of our tours.  At Tasty Road Trips everyone is welcome.  

Let’s talk Virtual, what does this mean?  Consider your next book club, holiday gathering, staff  year end event, social networking, book club, we will host your event for you and have the snacks & sips delivered to your door.  We have hosted a book club for 5 people, a year end event for 48 people and a fundraising foundation event for 102 people!  

Have questions about the live or virtual gatherings, accessibility, or timing?  Let’s connect.

Interested in hosting your upcoming special occasion in the virtual space? We do that!  It’s so deliciously exciting for the guests.

Looking to connect regarding a special occasion tour?  We love that!

Need a staycation & want to learn about our Multi-Day Travel Packages. Click multi-day travel above.

Do you live in a Canadian small town where food tours would be a great fit.  We are expanding and interested to learn where you think Tasty Road Trips should build food tourism, next.

Send us your contact information below with your questions & our team will respond within 3 – 4 hours. 

Click, click, click … booked!  Safely taste, explore and indulge local with with Tasty Road Trips Tours.

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