Where It All Began

Growing up I thought ‘seasoning’ came from cheese sauce, gravy, salt, pepper and butter. I thought bread came from a bag, and jam came from a jar. I just didn’t know!  

Fast forward 20 years. Love took me into a world of #gardentotable, canning, European flavours, cooking from scratch and aromas simmering on the stove of garlic, peppers, onions and pimento sauce.  This was the start of my food curiosity.

Now, fast forward another 20 years and here I am creating my niche in culinary tourism.  From my global food touring experience I built an idea in my mind about bringing people together through food, in small town Ontario. And by golly, with persistance, passion and working with incredible people, Tasty Road Trips was born and flourishes in new directions of community success, today.

In September of 2019, Tasty Road Trips won the Community Influencer Award at the Salute to Brant Business Awards. It was a proud day when a global idea gone small town, was recognized and awarded.

Join in the food tour phenomenon. Trust the itineraries I build to bring you incredibly delicious experience adventures in small towns with big bold beautiful tastes!

Come tour with us & explore like a local. Cheers, Spicy Jan

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